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I work as a creative imaging artist and to that purpose I use photography as my medium. This medium is the last link to the final result. The approach is in fact equal to that of a painter.
After completion of my study Fine Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam in 1999, I began to specialise in staged photography combined with underwater photography.

I also work in layers like painting in oil, I build up the digital image slowly. Either in my studio or underwater and finally edit the finishing touch on the computer.
The costumes (and in fact all auxiliary materials) I make or remake in my studio in Gouda (The Netherlands)

Infact I don’t call myself a photographer, rather an imaging artist. 

In every woman there exists in fact another woman; an external creature and an internal being. One who lives in the upper world and one that lives in a world that is not so easy to identify. (Quote of Clarissa Pinkola Estes)


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Artwork purchased by Museum


January 2015 – On the last day of the exhibition “The Dark Side of Beauty” managing director Mr. Gerard de Klein announced which creation was chosen by the public to be purchased by the Museum.
Fifteen hundred visitors made their choices out of 66 pieces.

Sirène 120 x 200 cm Work on Plexiglass

The photographic piece “Sirene” gathered the most votes.
Museum Gouda will add it to their collection.

It was an experiment. Usually the director decides what will be purchased after being advised by the conservator.
This time the visitors were invited to advise in writing. The question was: “Which creation fits the best in the museum Gouda collection”.
Some visitors advised not to buy anything at all.  Not a single work was deemed suitable.

More than 90% of the respondents though did advise in favour of a purchase, but the choices differed extremely. Each of the 66 works of art  appeared to be at least somebody’s favourite.

During the exhibition sometimes steaming discussions developed concerning their opinions.

Preferred creations were : “Avondmaal” ( The Lord’s Supper) by Brigitta Sundström Jansdotter, “The Poor” by Henrique van Putten and “Life” by Marie Louise Elshout.

Ultimately most of the respondents chose  “Sirene” by underwater photographer Dindi van der Hoek, artist’s name : dindi.

In the catalogue of the exposition her photo pictures are being defined as: “fascinating, confusing”.
The respondents especially speak highly of the composition, the mysterious atmosphere, the power of cross and woman and the perfect technique.

Like Robbert Roos said at the opening of the exhibition: “Dindi’s models are immersed in water. The women dissolve in the interspace where water and air touch each other. They live in their own zone, goddess in their own world. Their state of being is elusive.

Wrapped Piano

In co-operation with piano tuner and restorer Onno Hekking a 100 years old Lohrer & Wend piano was completely restored and “pimped” with an astonishing result.

With this project the first customized piano wrapped in Dindi van der Hoek’s work was realised.

The piano also has a built-in computer with touchscreen, a Wifi connectivity and an (electrical) fireplace.

For more information on this project, please check the website of Custom Piano Hekking-Lindeman V.O.F.

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