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After finishing my Fine Art Studies at the Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam in ’99, I continued investigating using water affecting my images.
In the imaginary worlds I create, the suggestive images evoke confusion despite the serene stillness. In my work I try to capture and depict an inner landscape in an outer form. These”figures” are in a sense a kind of self-reflection.

Water is a very important part of my work. Experimenting with water and trying to control its impact on the image is the main core of my research for over the past 20 years.

Water sometimes tend to abstract forms within the figurative image, thereby giving the images a somewhat surreal and fairy-tale appearance. These new ‘uncontrollable’ chapes water causes, free the image and helps me to visualize normally invisible complex signals, thoughts and emotions and capture them together in one image.

My work is a comprehensive circle of people, nature, balance and underlying dimensions between reality, dream, desire … and everything in between. A surrealistic biotope where “the cruel and the beautiful” unite.

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All works are secured in a limited edition of 7 pieces and delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity with the edition number and signed by the artist.

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30 x 30 cm , 80 pages, hard cover, full colour
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This portfolio catalog shows an overview of the photographic artworks of the dutch artist dindi who lives and works in Gouda, The Netherlands. In the imaginary worlds she creates the suggestive images evoke confusion despite its serene stillness. In her work she tries to capture and depict an inner landscape in an outer form.
Water is a very important part of her work. Experimenting with water and trying to control its impact on the image is the main core of her artistic research for over the past 20 years.
Ever since  she finished her art studies at the Willem the Kooning Academy in Rotterdam she continued investigating using water affecting her images.

Museum Collection


January 2015 – On the last day of the exhibition “The Dark Side of Beauty” managing director Mr. Gerard de Klein announced which creation was chosen by the public to be purchased by the Museum.
Fifteen hundred visitors made their choices out of 66 pieces.

Sirène 120 x 200 cm Work on Plexiglass

The photographic piece “Sirene” gathered the most votes.
Museum Gouda will add it to their collection.It was an experiment. Usually the director decides what will be purchased after being advised by the conservator.
This time the visitors were invited to advise in writing. The question was: “Which creation fits the best in the museum Gouda collection”.
Some visitors advised not to buy anything at all.  Not a single work was deemed suitable.

More than 90% of the respondents though did advise in favour of a purchase, but the choices differed extremely. Each of the 66 works of art  appeared to be at least somebody’s favourite.

During the exhibition sometimes steaming discussions developed concerning their opinions.

Preferred creations were : “Avondmaal” ( The Lord’s Supper) by Brigitta Sundström Jansdotter, “The Poor” by Henrique van Putten and “Life” by Marie Louise Elshout.

Ultimately most of the respondents chose  “Sirene” by underwater photographer Dindi van der Hoek, artist’s name : dindi.

In the catalogue of the exposition her photo pictures are being defined as: “fascinating, confusing”.
The respondents especially speak highly of the composition, the mysterious atmosphere, the power of cross and woman and the perfect technique.

Like Robbert Roos said at the opening of the exhibition: “Dindi’s models are immersed in water. The women dissolve in the interspace where water and air touch each other. They live in their own zone, goddess in their own world. Their state of being is elusive.


Community leden
dindi. (NL), Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter (SWEDEN_NL), Ludmilla van der Spoel (NL), Henrique van Putten (NL), Vittorio Roerade (NL), Sanne Maes (NL), Riëlle Beekmans(NL), Kunstenaarsduo Van de Camp en Heesterbeek (NL), Rem van den Bosch (NL), Michel Vaerewijck (BELGIUM), Wietse Eeken (NL), Astrid van Rijn (NL), Wilma Kun (BRASIL_ITALY_NL), Joël Bonk (NL), Petra Werlich (NL), Lidy Jacobs (NL)

ARTNOMADEN is an art community consisting of a group of connected artists who joined forces to gain independency.

This self-sustaining group offers their artists a platform to show their work off the beaten track, original and without commercial strategy.  

The initiative to collect this group of inspiring artists was instigated by the Dutch photographer dindi. and the Swedish painter Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter in 2018.

ARTNOMADEN creates inspiring exhibitions at unique locations. The art of the group is strongly related to each other, they all work figuratively, associatively and with a layered visual language. The images interact with each other and reinforce each other. The theme is diverse, on the one hand there is the fascination and the awe of Nature, where the darker side is revealed, on the other hand the artists investigate the human existence, ‘la condition humaine’.

Meer info: www.artnomaden.com

*Members of the group fluctuate regularly. Former members are Marc Janssens (BE, Ceramics), Lobke Burgers (NL, MixedMedia), Marie Louise Elshout (NL, Paintings Drawings).