Brown cover image, 30 x 30 cm , 80 pages, hard cover, full colour
Cover image: Artwork ‘Ebony’
(Please click on the cover image to view a few pages of the book)

Green cover image, 20 x 20 cm , 36 pages, soft cover, full colour
Cover image: Artwork ‘Little Green’

These 2 portfolio catalogs shows an overview of the photographic artworks of the dutch artist dindi who lives and works in Gouda, The Netherlands. The hard cover version has 80 pages and contains a selection of works over the past 20 years.
The smaller version contains 36 pages and shows more recent works.

Left: ArtBook 20x20cm
Right: ArtBook 30x30cm >>please click on the image to see a short overview of the Book>>

Fine art photographer Dindi lives and works in Gouda, The Netherlands.  At her studio she creates photographic artworks using a self build water basin.
Water is a very important part of her work for over the past 20 years.

“In my work I search for balance, through control and surrender. Water is the only element that I cannot fully ‘force’ in a desired shape. The water allows both the staged image and the water reflections to harmonize in an interesting and fascinating way. By allowing the uncontrollable and indispensable waterelement to take shape in its natural form, the image arises with balance and harmony. Which allows me to visualize those deeper inner layers; the duality of an inner paradox, the veil, the layering and the masks of human identity .” 

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