Dindi van der Hoek, Fine Art Photography

Prices of all artworks are on request, please send an email to

  • All my Artworks are for sale.
    They can be ordered as a photo C-print (Fujipaper, lambda) finished with plexiglass or an art frame.
    For the finish you can choose between a Glossy or an Anti-reflex version. When you choose an art frame it is also possible to do it without the plexiglass finish. Than we can offer a Hahnemule Fine Art Barytha print, finished with a wax and framed.
  • All artworks are available in 2 size catagories (variable sizes, XL and S-version). Both size catagories are printed in a Limited edition of 7 pieces and they are deliverd with an Certificate of Authenticity with the edition number signed by the artist. Most of the works can be printed with a minimum of 30 cm to a maximum of 250 cm wide! All different sizes are possible. Please send an email for a size & price indication.
  • Every artwork also comes with 3 MP’s (Model proofs) and 3 AP’s (Artist proofs)



  • Eduard Planting Fine Art Photographs, Amsterdam, NL

  • Chiefs and Spirits Contemporary Arts, Den Haag, NL

  • Bogert Gallery, Knokke, BE

  • Galerie Sille, Oudewater, NL

  • Galerie Leidse Lente, Leiden, NL

  • DOEN, styling bureau en gallery, Rotterdam, NL