Wetland Tales

This recently started series called “Wetland Tales” has given me the opportunity to experiment beyond my working methodes of the past.

In the imaginary worlds I create, the suggestive images evoke confusion despite the serene stillness. In my work I try to capture and depict an inner landscape in an outer form, “the human being”. The “figures” are in a sense a kind of self-reflection.

The water in my work sometimes tend to abstract forms within the figurative image, thereby giving the images a somewhat surreal and fairy-tale appearance. These new uncontrollable chapes water causes, free the image and helps me to visualize normally invisible complex signals, thoughts and emotions and capture them together in one image.

My work is a comprehensive circle of people, nature, balance and underlying dimensions between reality, dream, desire … and everything in between. A surrealistic biotope where “the cruel and the beautiful” unite.

Wetland Tales is a photographic series created in 2019 and is still ongoing.

Please send an email to check if the prefered artwork is still available. They come secured in a limited edition of 7 pieces and they are delivered with an Certificate of Authenticity with the edition number signed by the artist.