Inner Landscapes

While intuitively creating the Inner Landscapes Series I started to delve into linear and multi-dimensional sense of time. During the process, a kind of galactic landscapes arose in which timelessness and multiple actions were repeatedly and cyclically linked. Synchronous in a kind of cosmic rhythm. The landscape symbolizes the body and the body symbolizes the landscape as a cyclical reflection. You could also call the series Bodily landscapes. The fusion of everything. The idea that everything is multi-dimensional in relation to each other, of which actions, memories, future, past, life, growth and death take place as a cyclical process and at the same time. I try to let all this grow intuitively in an image. The images are a fullness of actions and yet have the tranquility and acceptance of this multiplicity because it is a cyclical flow, and therefore in balance.

The Inner Landscapes Series started as a survey in 2020, and it is continually growing and evaluating.

Please send an email to check if the prefered artwork is still available. They come secured in a limited edition of 7 pieces and they are delivered with an Certificate of Authenticity with the edition number signed by the artist.