Wetland Tales

During the formation of The Wetland Tales Series arose the opportunity to experiment beyond my working methodes of the past. I appear to become a model myself and started working in a self build water bassin instead of the swimming pool I used over the years.
In my work I try to capture and depict an inner landscape in an outer form using portrait, body painting, water and liquids like milk and ink. My work is a comprehensive circle of people, nature, balance  and underlying dimensions between reality, dream, desire … and everything in between.  A surrealistic biotope where “the cruel and the beautiful” unite.

Wetland Tales is a photographic series created between the period 2019-2020, some earlier.

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Please send an email to check if the prefered artwork is still available. They come secured in a limited edition of 7 pieces and they are delivered with an Certificate of Authenticity with the edition number signed by the artist.