About Nocturne

is a collective of artists consisting of : dindi (photography), Henrique van Putten (sculptures), Marie Louise Elshout (painting) and Swedish-born Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter (painting). NOCTURNE existed from 2012-2016.

This collective originates from 2012 triggered by a shared fascination amongst these artists for alienation and the manifold aspects of pure existence. The associative work of the 4 female artists strongly touches the esthetical levels but there is also ambivalence, what you see is not always what it seems.

NOCTURNE imagines a twilight zone in which there is space to wander, a different reality that is not always tolerated.

Marie Louise Elshout (1967) paints (The Netherlands) landscapes based on 19th Century photography and Romanticism. The women portrayed manifest themselves merely as spirits from an obscure past, their presence is a metaphorfor the darker side of human nature. The ominous dark paintings appeal strongly to the senses of the viewer and provoke a feeling of discomfort, alienation. Though, when closer inspected they always reveal their light.

dindi. (1976) Artist and photographer (The Netherlands) is continuously searching for  inner contradiction. At first glance her images may seem fairytale like but once the viewer takes more time to look this impression may well turn into one of frustration or destructiveness. Through her camera lens she allows us to have a look into a mysterious almost unconscious and underwater world.

Henrique van Putten (1977) Her textile sculptures (The Netherlands) typically tell a story with a strong associative character and is built up out of colourful sculptural elements. Animals play a significant role in her work. The different works portray the various aspects of fallibility: fear of others, the impossibility of being together, death, loneliness and the subsequent impotence. This results in ambivalence. A simultaneous hope and inevitable failure.

Birgitta Sundström Jansdotter (1966, Gävle, Sweden) paints monumental, and with a cheeky wink to the ‘normal’ rules in painting. Her works are a fusion between material and subject where the figures simultaneously contrast with, and blend into the background.The female figure and its strength and weakness is a recurring element. In her paintings Birgitta expresses the ongoing roleplay between people. Jansdotter began her career in Sweden and lives since 2001 in the Netherlands. She has exhibited in galleries and art fairs in South Korea, China, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. In 2007 she received the Dutch Jacob Hartog Art Award in The Hague.

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