Imaginary Series

This minimal tinted photo series shows images inspired by a memory of ancient charcoal drawing technics remembering my early art school period. In a certain period of my early art academy days I made big charcoal drawings. I got fascinated by the impact of these huge black shapes on the vulnerable white paper.
In this new series I tried to find true balanced images by using very light en white images and pasting them with heavy dark, mostly bodypainted parts.

I am combining these images using my under water photo techniques. These water reflections are photographed under the water surface and are an important part of my work over the years.

The Imaginary Series is a photographic series created between the period 2010-2020.

Please send an email to check if the prefered artwork is still available. They come secured in a limited edition of 7 pieces and they are delivered with an Certificate of Authenticity with the edition number signed by the artist.